'Harry and Meghan' Director Doesn't Have Any Regret Over Making the Controversial Docu-Series

Liz Garbus insists she has 'no regrets' over making the Netflix documentary series focusing on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex following their royal exit.

AceShowbiz - Director Liz Garbus doesn't regret making the "Harry & Meghan" documentary series. The 52-year-old moviemaker directed the project for Netflix in collaboration with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their Archewell production company and Garbus has insisted the show was "very different" from the other documentaries she's worked on because of the amount of "control" the couple had over the six-part film.

"That project ['Harry and Meghan'] was very different from most of my career in that we partnered with Archewell, their company, to make this show," she explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"Harry had a lifetime of experience of sharing stories with media and feeling that they were twisted into something he could not recognise, and, of course, Meghan had a short but very violent experience of that. For them to exert some control over their own story felt OK, as long as the viewer is aware of that contract. It's like if you're making a documentary with re-creations, just let your viewer know that they're re-creations."

When asked if the royals had "final cut" on the documentary, she replied, "It was a collaboration, and on all levels that is true. If I wanted to push for something, I did. That's exactly that sort of contract between filmmaking and viewer that I think is key so that your audience is aware that this is not an investigative documentary; it was something done in partnership with the principals."

Garbus concluded, "I have no regrets. I don't know if it was the most watched doc series on Netflix ever, but it certainly was in the first few weeks. [Viewers] came for the love story, or the hot gossip, but were able to stay for other provocative and important stuff."

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