John Legend Defends Chrissy Teigen for Detailing the Loss of Their Baby Son on Social Media

The 'All of Me' hitmaker insists it 'made sense' for his wife to be open about their journey to heal from the devastating grief after they couple lost their baby son.

AceShowbiz - John Legend stands his ground that it "made sense" for his wife Chrissy Teigen to detail the heartbreaking loss of their son on social media. The couple were heartbroken when they lost their son Jack 20 weeks into her pregnancy and Chrissy opened up about their pain in a series of online posts as well as a poignant essay which described her experience in hospital, and now John has defended her decision to share such intimate details of the tragedy.

"It's hard because you feel - especially being the man in the relationship, not carrying the baby yourself - you feel this strong sense of grief but also this powerlessness, because you want to be there to protect, you want to be there to help, but you literally can't do anything to really solve the core problem here," the singer explained the loss of Jack was tough on both of them as he spoke on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast.

"So it was just heartbreaking. We felt powerless, and it was a deep, deep grief. Deep challenge, deep pain ... We were able to get through it, but it was tough."

When asked about why they chose to be so open about the tragedy, John went on, "Honestly, us talking about it publicly created this sense of community because you start to realise how many other people have gone through it - and it's way more than you think."

"People would send books, people would send flowers, people cared. It made a lot of people who didn't usually talk about this publicly - or didn't usually talk about it even among their larger friend groups - feel more comfortable talking about it, and feel like they weren't alone in that situation."

The "All of Me" star added, "It was Chrissy's idea to share it. And it was right in the heart of our grief, so it's kind of courageous that she was even able to think about that. She'd been sharing her journey through pregnancy …"

"When it started getting complicated and she had to be in bed rest and we were trying to save the pregnancy, she was sharing all that. So it would have been weird to not share the outcome, 'cause then it's just like the baby just disappeared and there's no explanation. So it made sense to share it, but it was still hard."

John and Chrissy are parents to three children. Their youngest daughter Esti was born in January 2023.

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