'Stranger Things' Writers Deny Rumors About Millie Bobby Brown Turning Down $12M Offer for Spin-Off

Previously, it's reported that the actress portraying Eleven on the hit Netflix series rejected the multi-million dollar deal to reprise her character in a spin-off movie because she 'wants to branch out' into other roles.

AceShowbiz - Did Millie Bobby Brown truly turn down a multi-million dollar deal to reprise Eleven in a "Stranger Things" spin-off movie? The official "Stranger Things" writers room took to social media to shut down the report.

On Thursday, March 23, Stranger Writers declared on the blue bird app while sharing Daily Mail article, "Yeah, there's nothing in this article that is true." The official account went on adding, "Don't know why we have to keep debunking this rumor but get those clicks you guys!!"

Stranger Writers via Twitter

'Stranger Things' writers room shut down rumors that Millie Bobby Brown rejected $12 million deal to star as Eleven in a spin-off movie.

A few days prior, The Sun and Daily Mail reported that the 19-year-old actress rejected the deal to star as Eleven in "Stranger Things" spin-off movie. The Sun reported that the actress portraying Eleven on the hit Netflix show since 2016 rejected the paycheck as she "wants to branch out" into other roles. A source said, "There are so many directions it could go. Nothing is off the table."

"They think it would translate to a stage show for Broadway and the West End just like 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'," the so-called insider added. "Another spin-off series following some of the show's main characters is also being worked up."

Millie has been playing Eleven since she was just 11 years old. "Stranger Things" is due to release a fifth and final season this summer, where the actress will reprise her role as the telekinetic Eleven one more time.

In an interview with Seventeen magazine earlier this month, Millie revealed that she's ready to wrap up the series and move on with the final season, which starts filming in June. "I'm definitely ready to wrap up. I feel like there's a lot of the story that's been told now, and we know of it, it's been in our lives for a very long time," the "Enola Holmes" star shared.

"But I'm very ready to say goodbye to this chapter of my life and open new ones up. I'm able to create stories myself that are important to me and focus on the bigger picture. But I'm really grateful (for the show)," she added.

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