Zendaya Offers to Send Stylist Law Roach on Vacation After Shocking Retirement

Sitting down with Emily Ratajkowski's for her podcast 'High Low', the former celebrity stylist reveals the Emmy-winning actress' reaction to his retirement announcement.

AceShowbiz - Contrary to social media speculation, Zendaya Coleman always gets Law Roach's back. The actress was recently blamed for the former celebrity stylist's decision to retire, while in fact she's the one who was there to support him when he made the big move.

Sitting down with Emily Ratajkowski's for her podcast "High Low", Law revealed Zendaya's reaction to his shocking announcement. He admitted that he hadn't talked to the actress prior to making the decision.

"She called, and she said, 'Girl, I thought we make big decisions together,' " Law recalled. "Of course, she supported me. She's like, 'Do you need me to send you on a vacation?' Like tell me what you're going through."

While Zendaya appeared to be stunned at first by Law's decision, she fully supported him. He continued, "...and I talked to her about just being unhappy and being unhappy for a really long time and still grieving the death of my nephew. So, we had that talk, and she was like, 'Whatever you need, whatever you need.' "

Law went on defending Zendaya against allegations that their interaction in a viral video was a catalyst in his decision. "People started to blame her for my retirement, and that wasn't fair to her," he said. "The things they were saying, of course isn't true. So, then it spilled over to my suffering. She started to suffer too. And I didn't think that was fair because she has always protected me in this industry and vice versa."

The former "America's Next Top Model" judge then explained what happened in the video. He said the two were running late to Louis Vuitton's show during Paris Fashion Week because they got stuck in traffic. When they arrived at the venue, it was chaotic, and he was surprised not to have a seat next to Zendaya like he did when she was an ambassador for Valentino.

"They'll just sit you wherever they can find you a seat, but I had a seat, and the seat that she pointed to, that was Darnell's, which is her assistant, that was his seat," he recounted. "We were both actually standing there, and so she was like, 'Darnell, that's your seat.' And then they came and was like 'Law, you need to sit.' I was like, 'Well, you need to tell me where I'm sitting.' "

Law previously clarified that he will continue working with Zendaya in some capacity despite his retirement from styling celebrity.

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