Fans Unamused as Summer Walker Shares Video of Daughter Bubbles 'Beating [Her] Ass'

The 'No Love' songstress' firstborn, whom she shares with her ex London on da Track, throws tantrum as she seems displeased with her mother's rendition of 'Wade in the Water' in the clip.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker is dealing with parenting police after sharing a video of her daughter "beating [her] ass." The mom-of-three is urged by critics to discipline her little girl Bubbles after the singer shared a video of her nearly-2-year-old daughter throwing tantrum.

On Saturday, March 18, the 26-year-old posted on her Instagram Story the clip which showed her sitting in her living room with her daughter and a male friend filming them. The R&B artist and her friend began singing "Wade in the Water", but Bubbles seemed displeased as she started hitting her mom.

Bubbles only stopped after Summer and her friend discontinued their rendition of the gospel song as the friend chuckled, "Oh my God." The "Playing Games" hitmaker, who did little to stop her daughter from hitting her, jokingly warned in the caption, "This child stay beating my ass. She wrong af."

While Summer seemingly found her daughter's action funny, social media users didn't take it lightly. They think that there's something wrong with the young girl's behavior and Summer should discipline her.

"She playing now, but when she hit the heck out of somebody else's kid it's not gonna be so funny. Better get that under control now," one user weighed in. Another commented, "A habit I would've never started with my child."

A third added, "This ain't cute… nor funny no discipline." A fourth user agreed, writing, "Yeah time to correct that behavior." Someone opined, "Uhm........... This is cool to her oooorrrr? I can't have have my child comfortable with hitting me no matter the age. That's just me tho."

"She opened the door for opinions when she posted this…..LAUGH NOW, CRY LATER because there's absolutely nothing cute or funny about a child hitting an adult but it's yours so," another critic remarked.

Someone who claimed to be a teacher added, "This isn't cute. I'm dealing with a class of 20 and 16/4 are boys and all they do is fist fight ALL DAY EVERY DAY! It starts at home. Teach your kids to keep their hands to themselves (unless necessary) PERIOD."

Summer welcomed Bubbles, her first child whom she shares with her ex London on da Track, in March 2021. In December 2022, she gave birth to twin boys, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Larry a.k.a. Lvrd Pharaoh.

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