Maluma Almost Exposes Himself in New Steamy Nude Pool Photos
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The Colombian musician makes use of his social media account to share a series of NSFW pictures of himself enjoying vacation in Miami after scoring new milestone on Spotify.

AceShowbiz - Maluma has treated fans to some racy pictures. In pictures he shared on his social media account, the Colombian musician almost exposed himself as he went naked while relaxing in Miami.

On Saturday, March 18, the 29-year-old singer posted a series of NSFW photos of himself in a pool while he's on vacation. In the sexy snaps, he showed off his tattooed torso while a hand covers his lower half.

"Casi no encuentro fotografa [smiling face with horns emoji]," Maluma captioned the post in Spanish, which roughly translates to, "I almost didn't find a photographer." He further teased about the revealing shots on his Instagram Story, with two devil emojis and a camera sticker hiding his lower half in the cover photo.

Maluma has plenty of reasons to rest and relax as he recently joined Spotify's Billions Club, which is for songs that have been streamed 1 billion times. The singer and actor achieved this feat with his track "Hawai".

In a joint video with Spotify shared on Instagram on Thursday, Maluma walks up and opens the box with the plaque commemorating a billion plays on the song. "Welcome to the Billionaires club @Maluma! Cheers to 1 BILLION streams on Spotify [clapping hands emoji] Who's in for a #HAWAI vacation?" read the caption.

Maluma speaks Spanish in the clip, with English captions reading, "This is dope, huh? Not everyone reaches 1 billion streams, to be honest. Today we celebrate!" He then continues, "Look! Look what it says there. 1 billion streams. 'Hawai'," while pointing to the silver Spotify logo.

"This goes out to the dreamers and to the haters that didn't believe in me," he says while pouring liquid from a bottle onto the logo. "I celebrate this in your name." He adds before taking a sip from the plaque, "This is going to taste delicious. Cheers! 1 billion streams, and it's only just beginning. Don Juan era is coming."

Not stopping there, Maluma turned to Twitter to share a photo of himself licking the silver logo that day to celebrate. "CLUB DEL BILLON ...!!!! Ahora si, vamos a #HAWAI de vacaciones! Thank u," he wrote, which roughly translates to, "BILLIONS CLUB ...!!! Now let's go vacation in #HAWAI."

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