Doja Cat Riles Haters After Deleting TikTok Videos and Using Demonic Profile Picture

The 'Kiss Me More' hitmaker seems to further troll haters who allege she is part of Illuminati by changing her profile picture to a scary demonic creature, leading some people to call her 'weird.'

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat isn't done trolling her haters. As she's constantly linked to Illuminati every time she posts anything on social media, the rapper/singer has seemingly tried to fuel the rumors with her eyebrow-raising moves on TikTok.

On Thursday, March 9, Pop Faction noticed that the 27-year-old deleted all videos on her TikTok account without explanation. She additionally changed her profile picture to a scary demonic creature.

Doja's actions have got social media users riled up. "She needs help tbh, I miss the old DOJA," a concerned fan said. Another commented, "i know that she's weird and funny but this s**t is getting scary though."

A third person called out the Grammy Award-winning artist, "She's so weird." Someone else slammed the raptress, "I don't know how people can stand her, okay her songs are catchy, but her personality is s**t."

A former fan has decided to stop following Doja, writing, "I immediately unfollowed on TikTok..." Another claimed, "nobody is brainwashed she is a satanist."

There were a few who came to Doja's defense though. Hitting back at the trolls, someone said, "y'all claimed she's in the illuminati so she's giving what y'all are talking about and now she needs help. doja cat no longer gives a f**k trolls."

Another echoed the sentiment, "Ppl don't understand how Doja grew up on the internet, she's trolling y'all like it's nothing. This is all she has to do to get y'all riled up." Someone else added, "how is it scary...? Its just tiktok."

Doja previously responded to allegations that she's part of Illuminati. While she appeared to deny the allegations, she vowed to fuel the rumors. Finding the conspiracy theories "so funny," she tweeted, "This illuminati s**t is so funny to me I'm gonna keep doing deliberate weird a** s**t just to make those people uncomfortable. I've fr found a new outlet of joy."

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