Bruce Willis' Wife Shuts Down 'Dumb' Reports That Demi Moore Has Moved In With Them
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In a separate social media update, Emma Heming claps back at haters who accuse her of using her 'The Sixth Sense' actor husband's dementia to get her 'five minutes' of fame.

AceShowbiz - Demi Moore may have a close relationship with her ex Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming, but she knows where to draw the line. The actress isn't moving into her ex-husband's home, despite rumors stating otherwise.

On Wednesday, March 8, Emma set things straight on the reports that claimed Demi has moved into the couple's home to help care for Bruce amid his battle with dementia. Denying the claim, the 44-year-old model called it "dumb."

Taking to her Instagram Story to shut down the reports, Emma shared a screenshot of the headline. She then wrote her response, which read, "Let's nip this one in the bud. This is so dumb. Please stop."

It's Radar Online which first reported that Demi has moved in with Bruce, Emma and the couple's two young daughters. "Demi has moved in, and she is not leaving until the very end," a source told the site, noting that the "Ghost" star also stayed with Bruce's family during the pandemic.

"At first no one outside the family could understand what Demi was doing living with her ex and his new wife, but now it makes sense," explained the so-called insider. "Demi has been a rock for the family and is determined to make sure every day Bruce has left on earth will be filled with love."

A rep for the 60-year-old actress has told the site that she hasn't gone all in on the unusual living arrangement, but another source insisted that she "never left" the house since the pandemic nesting.

In other news, Emma has clapped back at haters who accused her of using her husband's dementia to get famous. "I just saw something about me getting my five minutes, which is great," she said in an Instagram video posted on Tuesday. "Which means that you're listening. So I'm going to take my five minutes, and I'm going to turn it into 10 because I'm always going to advocate for my husband."

She added, "I am going to turn my grief and my anger and my sadness and do something good around something that feels less than. So, watch this space because I didn't come to play." She reiterated her message in the caption as writing, "I've sat around quietly for too long and I'm so ready to be embraced by this solid and loving community my family and I find ourselves in while trying to lift them up in return. Let's go."

Emma previously called out paparazzi after Bruce was seen out in public for the first time since he was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (known as FTD). "So this one is going out to the photographers and video people that are trying to get those exclusives of my husband out and about. Just keep your space," she said in a video following their encounter with her husband.

"I know this is your job, but maybe just keep your space," the Malta-born beauty continued. "Please don't be yelling at my husband, asking how he's doing, whatever. The woo-hooing and the yippee-ki-yay's - just don't do it. Give him the space."

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