Melissa Gorga Calls Out 'Fake' Teresa Giudice After Text Messages Leak

Melissa takes to her Instagram account to put her sister-in-law and 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' co-star on blast in response to the leaked private text messages between them.

AceShowbiz - The feud between Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice continues. In a fiery Instagram post, Melissa slammed her sister-in-law Teresa after their personal text messages leaked online.

In an Instagram Story on Thursday, February 9, Melissa wrote, "Guys! I see you're all curious about the text messages! Someone is definitely spiraling And needs to 'prove' herself working overtime." She added, "BUT THIS ALL PROVES MY POINT EVEN MORE!!!"

In the post, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star said, "She did not reply to the text messages I sent after we filmed the reunion!! CRICKETS!!! It wasn't until three weeks later, and after the reunion AIRED- she was getting all the backlash about how poorly she treated her brother and I - that THEN she felt the need to reach out and clean it up."

"Her reaching out right at the same time we were about to start filming and finally wanting to discuss our relationship and how she can fix it was FAKE! That was inauthentic and was self-serving," she added, before concluding, "We wanted off the roller coaster. Point blank. Can't say much more now, but if you continue to watch this season, it will make much more sense."

In the leaked text messages obtained by All About TRH, Teresa could be seen responding to Melissa's text after watching the reunion as she realized that she had to fix the issues within their family. Melissa, however, found her move "a little calculated" and turned down Teresa's lunch offer.

Melissa additionally pointed out that she felt Teresa "drew the line in the sand" by excluding her from her bridal party and said in interviews that they would "never be friends." Melissa added, "I agree with you. We will always be family and I will always wish you nothing but the best. See you soon."

In her response that came two days later, Teresa thanked Melissa for her "heartfelt and genuine" words and apologized "from the bottom of my heart." When Teressa asked to meet and talk again, Melissa stressed that she is "fine" with their current relationship.

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