Lisa Snowdon Chose to Leave After Saying No to Losing Weight During Early Modelling Career

The 'Britain's Next Top Model' presenter who once dated George Clooney packed her bags after refusing to slim down at the beginning of her career as a model.

AceShowbiz - Lisa Snowdon was asked to "lose weight" from her boobs by a casting agent when she began modelling. The comment was made when the 51-year-old presenter-and-model - who previously romanced George Clooney - was working in Milan during the '90s. However, Lisa refused as losing weight from her breasts was something that wasn't going happen.

"Back in the day I wasn't impressed with being told to lose weight, because in my mind, I was already really tiny. I was old enough to realise that wasn't something I wanted to do. I had a healthy attitude to food, as I always have. I liked my body. So I wasn't prepared to trim down or try to lose weight off my boobs, and that's not something that can happen," she told New! magazine.

The "Britain's Next Top Model" host began her modelling career at 17 after she was spotted on a night out in a club by a talent scout from top agency Premier Model Management. Lisa's ordeal didn't knock her confidence as she developed a thick skin and learnt to embrace who she was instead.

She added, "It was a tricky time I just realised that the different seasons had different fashions. That was very early '90s. Everyone was chic and androgynous. That was the height of fashion at the time. So, I left that territory. I left Milan and came home, which was when I ended up doing all my Special K adverts."

"You get to know what your own worth is and what you're prepared to do or not do. It definitely didn't give me bad confidence issues with my body. If anything, I felt more confident within myself to be like 'No this is my body.' I learnt how to say NO."

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