Madonna Biopic Allegedly Scrapped Due to Her Bizarre 'Circus Antics' on Social Media

It's also reported that the project, which was green-lit in 2020, gets paused due in part to the Queen of Pop's insistence on having 'near-total' control over it.

AceShowbiz - More possible details behind Universal Pictures execs' decision to indefinitely hold Madonna's biopic have emerged. If a new report is to be believed, the project was scrapped due to her "circus antics" on social media.

The Sun reported that the biopic, which was green-lit in 2020, was shelved due in part to her insistence on having "near-total" control of the process on top of her bizarre behavior on the Internet. A source told the news site that the 64-year-old Queen of Pop's controversial and bizarre posts on social media left studio executives "scratching their heads."

"Madonna did herself no favors by acting weird on social media during this entire process," the source continued. "She signed a contract to make this film and that should have been the signal to her to stop the circus antics, stop chasing likes, and just buckle down and get this movie into shape."

While her social media posts often play well with her die-hard fans, they were reportedly off-putting to the bosses at Universal. "The studio bosses were watching what Madonna posted over these months where she was supposed to be writing and were left scratching their heads," the so-called source explained.

Madge's social media controversies have included a racy video of herself in lingerie alongside a wholesome pic of her four youngest on Christmas Day, which some commenters found to be "uncomfortable." The "Vogue" singer also left many people confused with a post in October last year where she appeared to come out as gay before making a "confession" that she has never been circumcised.

Prior to this, it's reported that the biopic was no longer in development as she's focusing on her upcoming "Celebration Tour". The project got paused despite years of hard work. It's been said that Julia Garner endured a grueling audition process to land the role over competition that reportedly included "Euphoria" actress Sydney Sweeney and "Don't Worry Darling" star Florence Pugh among others.

The casting process has been described as a boot camp where actresses were drilled with grueling 11-hour choreography sessions and readings directed by Madonna, as well as further auditions where they had to sing in front of her.

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