Madonna Names and Shames Famous Ex-Boyfriend, Admits to Casting 'All Kinds of Spell' on Him

The Material Girl makes candid remarks about one of her former flames, publicly calling the guy out while she's on stage in Atlanta amidst her Celebration tour.

AceShowbiz - During a recent stop on her Celebration Tour in Atlanta, Madonna made a bombshell confession about a past fling with a music producer. The 65-year-old icon revealed that she had been deeply in love with Dallas Austin during the recording of her 1994 album "Bedtime Stories."

"I was madly in love with him, and he treated me like s***," Madonna said, drawing laughter from the audience. She initially didn't reveal his identity but changed her mind, "I am publicly shaming you. Did I already say your name? His name is Dallas Austin."

At the time of their collaboration, Madonna was 35 while Austin was a mere 23. Their work together produced the songs "Secret," "Don't Stop," "Survival," and "Sanctuary." She said, "It's ok, I understand. You were just a boy. But I hope you've grown up by now."

Madonna admitted that her feelings for Austin were so strong that she resorted to unconventional methods to win his heart. "I studied with a Santeria in Miami, and she did all kinds of spells on him to make you fall in love with me," she shared.

While none of the spells worked, Madonna emphasized that her time working on the album was "a magical experience." She praised the collaboration with talented musicians and the process of creating new music every day.

During the recording of "Bedtime Stories," Madonna also had a brief relationship with Tupac Shakur and was romantically involved with Dennis Rodman.

Austin's timeline with Madonna raises questions, however. He had reportedly been in a long-term relationship with TLC's Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas since the early 1990s. The couple welcomed a son, Tron Austin, in 1997 but parted ways in 2001.

Austin's career has been marked by collaborations with renowned artists, including Boyz II Men, Brandy, Monica, and Michael Jackson. He has produced Grammy-nominated albums and played a significant role in TLC's debut album and subsequent releases.

Madonna's confession has reignited interest in her past relationships, leaving many wondering about the complexities of her personal life.

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