Conor McGregor Hit by Car in Accident That Left His Bike Mangled

The mixed martial art champion says he 'could have died' after being slammed by a car while riding his bicycle through the countryside in his native country of Ireland.

AceShowbiz - Conor McGregor narrowly escaped death after being hit by a car. On Friday, January 27, 2023, the 34-year-old mixed martial artist took to social media to reveal he had been knocked off his bike by a car behind him - whose driver had been blinded by the sun - while riding through the Irish countryside but credited his knowledge of the full-contact combat sport based for saving his life.

"Got a bang of a car just now from behind. A sun trap, the driver couldn't see me. Full speed straight through me. Thank you God, it wasn't my time. Thank you wrestling and judo also. Having an awareness on the landing saved my life," he wrote on Instagram.

The UFC double-champion - whose green bike was left mangled by the incident - was heard chatting to the driver Nick in the Instagram video, who apologised profusely and offered to help but Connor assured him "not to worry" and thanked God that they both lived to tell the tale.

He said, "Blessed, here I am, mate. Honest, I could've gone under the wheel. So you couldn't see anything either? Jesus Christ! All good mate, don't worry about it. That's nasty, I could have been dead there. Jesus Christ. I got away with my life there, boys. Safe travels, bud. I might just need a lift home, mate, because that bike is f*****!"

In a follow up post, Conor was seen being driven home by Nick with his destroyed bike in the boot, where he said, "We're still here, that's all that matters."

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