LeBron James Being Held Back From Confronting Heckler in Viral Video

In a video that goes viral, the 38-year-old Los Angeles Lakers star is seen being held from attacking a rude fan who makes fun of his receding hairline.

AceShowbiz - LeBron James wasn't in the mood to let a heckler a side after being beaten down by the Los Angeles Clippers again in a recent game. In a video that went viral on Wednesday, January 25, the Los Angeles Lakers star was seen being held from attacking someone who yelled something at him.

The athlete was seen walking off the court before stopping in his tracks after the person could be heard shouting, "Hey Bron! Hey Bron! You better get this s**t together!" The heckler went on to say, "With that receding a** hairline!"

Not impressed, James quickly turned and took his mouthpiece out. Before he could escalate things, a Lakers staffer held him back. That didn't stop the heckler though, as the person further taunted the NBA star, "Look at him! You sick!"

Upon watching the video, fans also slammed the heckler. "Do anything for clout," one person commented. "Not this giggle at the end… sir sit down and eat them nuts," someone else added.

Another user sarcastically wrote, "He said that VERY comfortably from BEHIND the stands…." One other noted, "Can ppl come to your job and harass you? Especially after a tough day at work yall would be ready to scuffle too!"

"Why do people treat celebrities like circus animals instead of people," a fan asked. 

Some people also demanded that the rude fan be banned or fined. "There should be laws where if you're physically and/or verbally abusive to the players, you get fined & BANNED from the court," one other said. "But he will get all the heat️ the fan should be banned for life," a comment read. 

According to TMZ, the incident happened right after the halftime buzzer sounded. James looked clearly frustrated as the Lakers were getting knocked around by the Clippers at the time, trailing 77-54 after two quarters.

During the game, James made 46 points. However, his team ended up losing to the Clippers with 133-115 score, dropping to 22-26 on the season.

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