Robert Pattinson Freaks Out Over Deep Fake Videos of Himself

The Caped Crusader actor finds it quite unnerving to watch viral deep fake videos where his face put onto someone else's bodies using artificial intelligence.

AceShowbiz - Robert Pattinson is terrified by deep fake videos of himself. "The Batman" actor freaks out over the fact even people close to him have been taken in by "weird dancing videos on TikTok" that have used artificial intelligence to put his face onto someone else's body and he joked they are so convincing, he could end up without a job.

"It's terrifying. The amount of people who know me quite well and will still be like, 'Why are you doing these weird dancing videos on TikTok?' It's really bizarre. You just realise that we're two years away from it being indistinguishable from reality - and what on Earth am I going to do as a job then?" he told ES Magazine.

The 36-year-old star isn't a big fan of dancing in public but thought he had "broken [his] curse" after strutting his stuff in his latest Dior Homme advert - only to find he had a panic attack as soon as he attempted to bust a move at a party.

He said, "I thought I'd broken my curse when I did that scene [it involves Pattinson performing an exuberant, freewheeling shimmy]. But then I went to a party a few weeks later - thinking I'm like Billy Elliot and as soon as I took one step on to the dance floor had one of the biggest panic attacks of my life."

"You know when you think you're that guy and then suddenly, you're just brutally humbled. Yeah, it felt like my dad had just caught me joy riding a car. I went cold; I think I left the party after that."

Meanwhile, Robert admitted he is constantly worried about not getting hired again so feels like he has to constantly keep working. He said, "There's just something in me which runs very, very deep and it makes the idea of taking a holiday seem like an impossibility… I find myself going, 'No, I have to keep working, I have to keep working all the time, this might be my last opportunity, I've got to save for a rainy day.' "

"It's genetic. My dad was always bad at taking holidays. He'd always love it but I remember even as a very young child, there'd always be tears the night before - he'd say, 'Just go without me, just go without me.' "

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