Lori Harvey's Eldest Sister Skips Her Birthday Party Amid Alleged Family Feud

Morgan Harvey reportedly did not attend both a public party in Los Angeles and a family gathering in Atlanta in celebration of the model's 26th birthday as she went to the Dominican Republic instead.

AceShowbiz - Lori Harvey's recent birthday celebrations might not complete without the presence of one of her siblings. Her eldest sister Morgan Harvey reportedly skipped her 26th birthday party amid feud rumors.

The SKN by LH founder threw two birthday parties, one public party inside a Los Angeles nightclub with celebrity friends and boyfriend Damson Idris, and a second party in Atlanta with just her close family members. But Morgan was noticeably absent from both events, as seen in social media photos of the soirees.

In a photo shared by Lori's mom Marjorie, they were seen posing with Steve Harvey and Lori's step brothers in a room decorated with disco balls. It was apparently a joint birthday celebration for both Lori and Steve, who turned 66 on January 17.

But Morgan was not seen at both parties. She, instead went on a family vacation to the Dominican Republic, according to her Instagram posts.

As pointed out by Media Take Out, Morgan appears to have been estranged from Steve, Marjorie and Lori for some time. She hasn't posted about Lori or her mom in more than two years. The last time she gave her model sister a birthday shout-out on social media was in 2020.

Morgan's absence from Lori's birthday celebrations seemingly backed up recent report that there has been a real family feud brewing among the Harveys. According to Radar Online, there was growing tension among the talk show host's blended family over his adopted daughter Lori's popularity. A source told the site some jealousy was lingering amongst the siblings over the influencer, who has been taking the spotlight with her high-profile love life.

Steve has seven children in total. He shares twins Bradi and Karli as well as son Broderick with his first wife Marcia. Steve also has son Wynton with ex and second wife Mary Shackelford, while he adopted his current wife Marjorie's children, Morgan, Jason and Lori.

"Steve's got four biological kids with two previous wives and three stepkids with [his current wife] Marjorie," an insider dished on the family dynamic. "They're driving him crazy!" The source added, "He did the right thing adopting Marjorie's kids and loves them like his own, but there's a lot of dissension among the blended Harvey clan."

Steve's wife and exes reportedly also "butt heads" at times because she "rules the roost" at the Harvey abode. As to how the 66-year-old was dealing with the issue, the source spilled, "His way of handling it has been to throw money at them, buy them gifts or just go into another room to chomp on a cigar, but it's not working."

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