New Video Shows Bad Bunny Snatching Two Fans' Phones After Tossing Other Fan's Cellphone Into Water

Prior to this, the 'Me Porto Bonito' crooner issued a statement after a video of him throwing a female fan's phone into the water went viral on the Internet.

AceShowbiz - Bad Bunny wants his fans to respect his personal space and boundaries. A new video circulating on social media showed the "Un Verano Sin Ti" artist snatching two fans' phones shortly after he explained why he threw a female fan's cellphone into the water in footage that has since gone viral.

The controversial new video saw the 28-year-old Puerto Rican chart-topping artist making his way through a mob of surprised customers inside the lounge in the Mediterranean-style village of Altos de Chavon in the eastern city of La Romana on Sunday, January 1. At one point in the seven-second footage, he quickly grabbed a mobile device and tossed it back before snatching the second one and flipping it across the crowd.

Prior to this, a viral video showed Bad Bunny throwing a female fan's phone into water. The fan walked up to the "Me Porto Bonito" crooner to snap a selfie but he appeared to be bothered by the crowd that was following him on the bridge and lost his cool. The woman watched as her cell phone sailed away from her while another person said in Spanish, "Wow, seriously?"

Bad Bunny then explained why he did so. "La persona que se acerque a mi a saludarme, a decirme algo, o solo conocerme, siempre recibira mi atencion y respeto. Los que vengan a ponerme un cabron telefono en la cara lo considerare como lo que es, una falta de respeto y asi mismo lo tratare yo," he tweeted in Spanish, adding the hashtag "#SINCOJONESMETIENE."

The tweet translates to, "The person who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to meet me, will always receive my attention and respect. Those who come to put a f**king phone in my face I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect, and I will treat it likewise."

Still, the footage divided his fans. Some could understand what Bad Bunny did. "People are always putting phones in his face and invading his space. He probably tolerates it for the most part but you never know when someone has had enough," one fan opined. A second chimed in, "Ppl need to understand personal space and boundaries."

Others, meanwhile, suggested the female fan sue him for throwing her phone. "I would've sued him respectfully! I get it but that was unnecessary!" one person remarked, with another pointing out, "I would be sending him my bill. My thing is if you don't want no pics or vids cool then just say that but to go and snatch and then throw the phone is crazy to me. Was all of that really necessary?" Someone else chimed in, "did he tell her that she was doing too much or ask her to move? If not very uncalled for."

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