R. Kelly Insists Joycelyn Savage Did Not Have a Baby With Him
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The incarcerated singer's clairification arrives after Jocelyn's father Timothy denied the baby report and slammed those who are responsible for posting the unknown baby in the Instagram picture.

AceShowbiz - R. Kelly continued to shut down rumors about him having a child with Joycelyn Savage. The incarcerated singer set the record straight during an exclusive prison conversation with "The Natasha Simona Sequence" podcast producer, Rick Party.

"Joycelyn is my fiancee and I love her, she loves me... She's not against me," the disgraced musician said. When asked whether it was true that he's fathering her child, he quickly replied, "Hell No... She didn't have a child... We have to start using our common sense at some point."

Prior to this, Joycelyn's father Timothy denied the baby rumors. "My daughter Joycelyn is not pregnant," he declared on Instagram Live. "This is 100% accurate. Rest assured. I am investigating this to the fullest and other people are, too."

Timothy went on to slam those who are responsible for posting the unknown baby in the Instagram picture. "The little baby on the account is a pretty little baby. If I had a granddaughter, I would be the first to say I love this child, no matter what the situation is. These people are evil, cruel people. To take a horrible situation and try to make some profit off of it," he fumed.

"My daughter has been hidden away from everyone, due to the circumstances. And it's not right. If it was the case that my daughter had a child, [she] would come forth and be happy about it. But as we both know, my daughter has not responded," he continued. "I have messaged that [Instagram] to see if that was my daughter. It has not responded in the proper way."

Timothy's statement arrived after an Instagram account that's seemingly run by Joycelyn shared photos of a newborn baby girl earlier this month. The post revealed that the baby was born on December 8 and she's named Ava Lee Kelly.

Joycelyn allegedly gushed, "My baby girl Ava when you were born , my whole world shined so bright." She added, "I knew that it was no longer about me anymore it was about us . Though the world is cold , I promise to always protect you . I am so happy to be your mother & you bring me so much joy . 12.08.22."

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