Lala Kent Afraid to Have Sex Without Booze After Randall Emmett Split

The 'Vanderpump Rules' star admits she was scared of having sex without drinking alcohol as she got into a new relationship following her separation from fiance.

AceShowbiz - Reality TV personality Lala Kent was scared about having sex with a new partner now she's sober. The 32-year-old "Vanderpump Rules" star struggled with alcoholism before giving up booze four years ago and she didn't have to worry about intimate issues at the time because she was engaged to her ex Randall Emmett.

However, she was afraid to get intimate without having a drink after they split and she went on to strike up a new romance over the summer. "I got into a relationship when I was in my alcoholism, and then I got sober with this person, so I was already comfortable," she explained on the "Intimate Knowledge" podcast.

"But as far as being out there in the world sexually with nothing to like numb what's happening - not like I wanna be numb - but at least you got some liquid courage," she added of her subsequent romance. "I was so terrified to have sex sober because I had never done it before."

However, the encounter went well and she said of the experience, "[We] were coming back for more, a lot ... Whoever taught him needs some sort of award because it was mind-blowing."

Back in October, Lala celebrated four years of sobriety and she marked the milestone in a candid post on Instagram. She wrote, "Today marks 4 years of sobriety. The weekend was full of love and support. Being present for my daughter … that part is priceless. I'm grateful, and extremely humbled by each birthday that passes. But y'all, I am proooooud! Hell yessss, Lala. You better work, g."

Lala and her former partner Randall were together from 2015 until their split in 2021 and they have a daughter together.

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