Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Moms Reportedly Butting Heads
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The couple's mothers are allegedly not getting along because Ben's mom Chris Anne Boldt hasn't fully accepted his wife and J.Lo's mother Guadalupe Rodriguez is upset at how Ben's family treats her daughter.

AceShowbiz - Trouble is reportedly brewing in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage. Having only got hitched four months ago, the couple is said to be dealing with a lot of tensions, with one of the causes being their clashing mothers.

"J.Lo and Ben are dealing with a lot of issues right now," a source tells Radar Online. This reportedly leads to a concern among their pals that their marriage won't survive if their moms and children can't get along. "There's a real worry among friends that they may not make it in the long term," the so-called insider spills.

According to the informant, Ben's Harvard-educated mom Chris Anne Boldt has yet to hit it off with his new wife. In the meantime, J.Lo's blue-collar mother Guadalupe Rodriguez is upset at how Ben's family treats her daughter.

"J.Lo's mom is incredibly close with her and Ben. She's championed their reunion from the get-go - and even plans on moving in with them someday. But the same can't be said for Chris - or Ben's other relatives - and Guadalupe finds that unfair and kind of unforgivable," one friend snitches.

As their moms' feud only adds to the tension to their marriage, J.Lo and Ben are not planning to spend the holiday season together with their parents. "The two moms are being kept well apart - because Ben and J.Lo know it would likely be World War III if they got put at the same dinner table - especially as Chris still adores Jennifer Garner and always treated her like the daughter she never had," the insider claims.

"Lupe wants to have it out with Chris, though now she's pushing for some type of summit over the holidays - and plans on giving the Afflecks a serious piece of her mind," the source goes on sharing.

But it's not the only problem that the pair are allegedly dealing with. Ben is said to be caught in the middle as J.Lo clashes behind the scenes with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. For this reason, the "Peppermint" star reportedly plans to split their three children instead of sharing the holiday as a family unit with her ex.

"The idea of them cooking together or giving warm and fuzzy speeches - it's not going to happen," an insider dishes. "They'll shuttle between the two houses and have two holidays."

Previously, the site also reported that J.Lo and Ben have clashed over the demanding singer/actress' control-freak ways. Rumor had it that the couple was "fighting nonstop" since they said "I do."

"Affleck's lack of love for fashion has been a struggle for his new wife, with sources revealing she's not only trying to change his wardrobe, but she's also attempting to kill his bad habits," a source revealed back in October. "Ben doesn't clean up after himself, which irritates the hell out of Jennifer." She reportedly also "hates Ben's cigarettes."

These claims are in contrast to the harmonious display that J.Lo recently showed on her Instagram post. Offering a glimpse at her Thanksgiving celebrations with her blended family, the "Shotgun Wedding" star shared a photo of her son Max lying on her husband's shoulders during what appears to be a car ride. She was also seen baking cookies with her vocal coach and friend Steve Mackey and posed for pictures with her sisters.

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