Christina Haack Explains Why She Doesn't Post Her and Ant Anstead's Son Hudson Online

In response to speculations that she's no longer allowed to share photos of their 3-year-old son Hudson on social media, the HGTV personality takes to Instagram to explain she doesn't post her son online.

AceShowbiz - Christina Haack (Christina El Moussa) is setting the record straight. In response to speculations that she's no longer allowed to share photos of her and ex-husband Ant Anstead's son Hudson on social media, the HGTV personality explained the reason she doesn't post her son online.

On Monday, November 28, the "Flip or Flop" star, Christina took to Instagram to post a happy family photo with husband Joshua Hall. "What better back drop for family photos than a beautiful fall colored field?!" so she shared in the caption. "This photoshoot was one of my favorites. I Love my family."

In the snap, the 39-year-old showed her eldest kids' face but she covered Hudson's with an emoji. The post immediately drew attention from Internet users. Some of them wondered why Ant is allowed to share photos of Hudson's face, while Christina seemingly cannot. Other users, meanwhile, encouraged Christina to stop keeping Hudson off social media.

Christina caught wind of the comments and in response, she took to Instagram Story to address the criticism. "This will be the last time I talk about this … Since there is so much confusion and false info about Hudson's photos," the "Christina on the Coast" star, who also has 12-year-old daughter Taylor and 7-year-old son Brayden with her first husband Tarek El Moussa, penned.

"People on here telling me, 'She was never told she couldn't post' … Umm correct … I never said that! I was NOT told I could no longer post Hudson. I was NOT told anything by a judge because I was never in front of a judge," she stressed. "I CHOSE and choose not to post Hudson because I was exhausted with Instagram being used as a tool against me."

The mom of three continued, "This has nothing to do with ads, people need to wrap their heads around the fact that none of this actually has to do with advertisements. This is about CONTROL." She also claimed that she decided to no no longer share pictures of her son because she was "sick" of "Instagram being used as a tool against me to judge the kind of mom I am," adding, "Every photo I posted of Hudson on my Story or my main page was being screen shot and picked apart. So that is why I am choosing not to post Hudson."

Christina announced the decision in an Instagram post back in October. At the time, she explained, "Hudson's father has made attempts to turn my family, friends and fans against me through manipulation tactics and false information. This has had great impact on me and my household. Because of this, I have made the decision to no longer feature Hudson on Instagram, my tv shows or any social platforms until he is old enough to make this decision for himself."

Prior to this, Ant accused Christina of "exploiting" their 3-year-old son. She denied the claims in legal documents which read, "I have read the Supplemental Declaration of Anthony 'Ant' Anstead and was shocked to see that Ant is continuing to make false allegations against me. The allegation that I am 'exploiting' our son is truly offensive and simply untrue. After seeing what Ant has written in his Supplemental Declaration it is clear that his motivation is not Hudson's best interest."

Christina continued, "I have never exploited our son Hudson. He appeared in a few of my own Instagram ads that each took less than 5 minutes to film. I have all the footage and they were all fun activities that he enjoyed doing, such as a playing with toys or making cookies. These were organic moments in Hudson's eyes. Nothing was forced and they were filmed with a cell phone, not a production team."

"I did not have a problem stopping, nor do I care to feature Hudson in any further endorsements," she added, before accusing Ant of also putting their son on social media. "Anyone experienced in social media will recognize Ant's pattern of posting our son using a product and tagging the product manufacturer as 'fishing' for endorsements. Ant is not currently on television and puts a lot of effort into Instagram since that is his only platform."

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