Hazel E Trades Shots With Devon Waller's Alleged Side Chick Dayana Castellanos

The VH1 personality, who previously accused her ex of abusing her and their child, allees that Dayana 'flew my husband out to Miami with her and her 4 kids,' leading him to ignore her for days.

AceShowbiz - Hazel E has exposed Davon Waller's alleged side chick, Dayana Castellanos. After alleging that her now-estranged husband has cheated on her with the "Cartel Crew", the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" alum traded shots with the latter on social media.

Sharing a screenshot of Dayana's Instagram Live, Hazel wrote, "I did not wanna give this married homewrecker no clout. But she flew my husband out to Miami with her & her 4 kids. And has been subbing me or days." She added, "He so busy finemessing the next b***h he hasn't called his own daughter in 2 weeks."

"Can get a tatto off everything but Ava. Hell he got my name tatted in 4 months. Aval 2. Stop believing this narcissistic a** n***a.," she added. "Damn I didn't even get the divorce papers yet... I only wish he woulda said bye to Ava. Instead it was I'll just make another baby."

Firing back, Dayana wrote on her own post, "Lmfao you big mand, I don't even have a middle initial wrong person... I have 5 bd rms mama. You must really need that internet check." She also accused Hazel of being racist in another post, before adding, You do anything for clout. Slow h*es get left."

Hazel first came forward with her marital issues by exposing Devon's angry DMs. A few days later, she accused him of abusing her and their child.

The reality star also shared photos and videos that showed Devon being overly aggressive. One image is allegedly from her ex slamming her arm into the door. She also shared a screen recording where Devon called him a "dumb b***h."

In another post, Hazel shared a photo of their daughter with what appeared to be bruises on her cheek. "imagine being in the hospital…and when your baby finally visits she comes in with a black eye," she captioned it.

After bringing up the allegations, Hazel filed an order of protection for them. Sharing a screenshot of the filing, she penned, " "I'm taking the steps needed to protect us."

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