Hazel E's Ex Devon Waller Calls Cops on Her for Allegedly Holding Their Daughter Hostage

When getting things off his chest, Devon also unleashes screenshots of his alleged chat with Hazel E that shows the reality star letting him meet their daughter at her house.

AceShowbiz - The drama between Devon Waller and Hazel E has yet to be over. Devon claimed he called cops on his ex for allegedly holding their daughter hostage.

Devon slammed Hazel-E via Instagram Story. He first argued, "You can't stop talking about me, you so pressed miserable a**. Only reason i called the cops which you called several times on me cause you a rat. I called cause you're holding my daughter as hostage."

"And I needed to do a welfare check. and I pull up to see her and you DIDNT let me see her After it was ok to see her," he added. "We talked about it SEVERAL TIMES. but then when I'm not there to see ya D*sty a** you get in ya feelings."

Calling his former partner "corny," Devon urged her to "stop holding a 2 year old baby from her father that loves her more than Life." He continued fuming, "You're really sick, it's ok you wanna keep dragging out court so I can't see my daughter. see you in court again in 2 Days, I have receipts."

"I flew to another state to see her and she KNEW and said it's FINE, So then I get there and you don't answer. I'll NEVER give up on my twin! I BEEN divorced from ya Crazy a**, just cause you can't process me leaving ya delusional a**," he stressed. "You're literally a EGG Donor from HELL."

Devon also unleashed screenshots of his alleged chat with Hazel E. In the conversation, the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" alum let her estranged husband come see their daughter at her house.

Hazel has yet to respond to Devon's rant. The reality star herself first came forward with her marital issues by exposing Devon's angry DMs in early November 2022 and filed a divorce from him a month later.

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