Boosie Responds After Getting Clowned for Presumably Flying Budget

The 'Wipe Me Down' rhymer disputes the allegations that he's flying on Spirit Airlines after a Twitter user claims to have caught the rapper opting for the ultra-low-cost carrier.

AceShowbiz - From making NSFW contents to posting wild comments, Boosie Badazz (formerly Lil Boosie) has made headlines for a lot of reasons. This time, the rapper has been trending for allegedly getting caught flying budget.

The star, whose real name is Torence Ivy Hatch, was clowned after he was reportedly flying on ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines. A Twitter user shared a clip of a man, who looks like Boosie, dressing in an eye-catching bright green outfit while carrying a bag.

He kept it stylish with a pair of dark shades and what looks like a dangling earring, but the person who shared the video mocked him for apparently trying to save money on the flight. It wasn't clear where Boosie was, but the user captioned it, "POV: When you find out Bossie Bada$$ flies Spirit Airlines," adding a puking face emoji.

The video has since garnered mixed reactions, with one person claiming, "Y'all thought boosie was rich? yall really not from Louisiana lmao." Another weighed in, "Boosie was on live asking to borrow somebodies van…you think he wouldn't fly spirit lol? Money didn't change that man."

Some others defended Boosie if he did fly on Spirit Airlines. "Boosie may be a lot of things but cheap ain't one of them nie y'all gonna keep flying spirit until you become one ain't it," one fan said. Similarly, another clapped back at the trolls, "And if he was ? I swear as you get older you'll see that being in a hurry to spend your money to impress people that ain't got s**t is truly pointless."

Someone weighed on Boosie's outfit in the video, "Whoever that is … they look like the mascot for Spirit. They are coordinated." Another, however, doubted that the man was Boosie because of his unusual wardrobe choice, noting, "First off boosie don't even dress like that."

Others think there's nothing to be ashamed of about flying on Spirit Airlines. "BUT AT LEAST IT WAS NOT FRONTIER. They held us up and had a strike on the plane. They wild. BIG WILD‼" one user compared it to another airlines. Someone else agreed as saying, "One thing bout spirit , they gone get you to your destination on time with no lay overs!"

Amid the debate, Boosie disputed that he ever took the ultra-low-cost carrier. "I AINT NEVER RODE SPIRIT N MY LIFE LOL YALL GOT ME BENT," so he claimed on Twitter on Tuesday, November 8.

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