Blac Chyna Cleared in Battery Investigation After Being Accused of Kicking Woman in Stomach

Making the allegation against the OnlyFans model was Sequoya King, who claimed in May that she and the former video vixen got into a verbal dispute earlier that month in a Los Angeles bar.

AceShowbiz - Blac Chyna can now breathe a sigh of relief. It was unveiled that the OnlyFans model has been cleared in a battery investigation after she was accused of kicking a woman in the stomach.

The LAPD's media relations office confirmed to The Sun that "the case is no longer being investigated by detectives." Elated by the news, Chyna told The Neighborhood Talk, "This is yet another example of someone lying to extort me and Huge thanks to the legal system for allowing justice to prevail. I will no longer sit back and let people slander my name."

Making the allegation was Sequoya King, who claimed in May that she and Chyna got into a verbal dispute earlier that month. King said the former video vixen was furious because she assumed she was being recorded by people in the bar in Los Angeles.

The alleged victim, however, denied that she used her phone to record the "Rob & Chyna" alum. Still, the latter took King's phone out of her hand and smashed it down on the ground.

Not stopping there, the former fiance of Rob Kardashian allegedly snapped at King and kicked her in the stomach, prompting the latter to fall down. The altercation ended after friends of the mom of two dragged her into a car.

In a video obtained by TMZ, King appeared to challenge Chyna by saying, "Fight me. Fight me," while the model attempted to get farther away from the situation. Some men were seen trying to diffuse the situation and calm both women down, while one of the women was heard saying, "Why you're holding me not her?"

Later in the footage, King asked Chyna, "Did it make you feel good when you kicked me in my fat a** stomach?" A man claimed, "She did. She felt big." Meanwhile, a woman believed to be Chyna answered, "No, I did not."

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