Matthew Perry Hunted for Pills in Open Houses at the Height of His Addiction

In a television sit-down with Diane Sawyer, the former 'Friends' actor reveals where he got his pills when he was deep in 55 Vicodin pills-per-day addiction.

AceShowbiz - Matthew Perry stole pills from medicine cabinets in open houses. The "Friends" actor, 53, revealed his hunts began when he was in the depths of his 55 Vicodin pills-per-day addiction.

In an interview on Friday, October 28 with Diane Sawyer on ABC, he makes the admission as he continues to open up about his addiction battle ahead of the publication of his memoir, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing".

Matthew said, "On Sundays, I would go to open houses and go to the bathrooms in the open house and see what pills they had in there and steal them. And I think they thought, 'Well, there's no way that Chandler came in and stole from us.' "

Matthew added he considered his open house drugs strategy the "weirdest" thing he did to feed his pills addiction, but also admitted to complaining of fake migraines to get the prescription medication. He said, "I did all sorts of things – a bunch of doctors, fake migraines and all that stuff."

Matthew has said he was on 55 pain killers a day and dropped down to only 128lbs in weight in the depths of addiction. He also tells in his autobiography he woke up "50 to 60" times covered in his faeces while using a colostomy bag.

The actor, who played Chandler Bing on the 10-season run of "Friends" from 1994 to 2004 was fitted with the device after his colon exploded in 2018, leaving him near dead after years of drink and drug abuse.

He said in an excerpt from his upcoming memoir, given to the new issue of GQ magazine, "I had s*** all over my face, all over my body, in the bed next door. When it breaks, it breaks. You have to get nurses."

Matthew added things got worse when he was then fitted with an ileostomy bag which collects faeces. He said, "Ten times worse. You have to deal with an ileostomy bag 18, 19 times a day. A lot of suicides with an ileostomy bag. People can't take it."

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