Lili Reinhart Says 'Riverdale' Gives Her Life-Changing Experience
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In a new interview, the 26-year-old 'Look Both Ways' actress reflects on starring on The CW's series, on which she has starred as Betty Cooper on the teen drama since 2017.

AceShowbiz - Lili Reinhart's time on "Riverdale" has been an "education." The 26-year-old actress has starred as Betty Cooper on the teen drama since 2017, and she admits that it's been a life-changing experience.

She shared, "I was 19 when I was cast as Betty. I've spent practically my entire adult life playing her. It was quite an education: I was in a famous relationship [with co-star Cole Sprouse], and 'Riverdale' was my introduction to fame. What a trip that is."

The seventh and final season of the show is set to premiere in 2023. Lili admits there will be "lots of tears and lots of laughs" during her last day on set. The actress told W Magazine, "It was - and is - the biggest chapter of my life. There will be lots of tears and lots of laughs on the final day. I have this forever time capsule of my 20s. I can imagine my future children asking about my life, and I'll just put them in front of whatever screening service will still be showing 'Riverdale' reruns."

Lili is now looking towards her post-"Riverdale" career, having signed a production deal with Amazon, and the TV star is keen to keep challenging herself. She said, "I want to keep pivoting from one genre to another. After doing a romance, I want to go in the opposite direction. I will never play the same characters twice."

Lili also revealed that she's recently been thinking about playing "an evil woman out for revenge". She shared, "I would like to play a villain. I have the motivation: I recently had to leave my dog, Milo, alone in a hotel room, and I thought, If someone steals my dog, I'll go John Wick on their a****! That would turn me into a villain so fast. Maybe that's next for me: playing an evil woman out for revenge. I have my origin story: don't mess with my dog."

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