Charles Melton Compares 'Riverdale' to Renowned Arts School Julliard
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The Reggie Mantle depicter reflects on his fulfilling time on the CW teen series, claiming that starring on the show is like attending the prestigious arts school.

AceShowbiz - Charles Melton has likened his time on "Riverdale" to attending the prestigious arts college Julliard. The 32-year-old actor learned a lot playing Reggie Mantle in the CW teen series, particularly about work ethic, and he admits it's "bittersweet" that the show has wrapped.

"Obviously it frees up more time for projects like 'May December', but I learned so much being there. I formed relationships that I will have until the end of my days. It really helped me refine this work ethic," he told i-D.

"Riverdale truly was my Juilliard - I was learning and growing and playing and taking risks. I was allowed to do that. We just had our final season, so you know, it's… It's bittersweet. But I'm so happy it brought joy to so many people."

For his latest role, Charles portrays the traumatised Joe Yoo in the sex scandal drama "May December", and he shared how his talking and art therapy helped him "separate himself from his character." He told the publication, "I was learning how certain emotions live in the body. I can get so in my own head, going against my body's natural instinct, because of all these structured ideas that almost restrain the performance."

After a pause, he admitted, "I probably need to chill out."

Charles insists method acting is "not my cup of tea." He went on, "I do have certain exercises that can separate the character from myself, and as I'm discovering how I like to work, I'm finding my technicality means I have the freedom to just let go. I don't need to suffer."

Charles said, "The idea of causing suffering and pain to others around you, in order to tell your story for the character…" After taking another pause, he added, "That [method acting] is not my cup of chamomile tea."

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