Pierce Brosnan Admits to Struggling With His Costume on 'Black Adam' Set
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The former James Bond actor calls his role in the DC superhero movie a dream come true although he did admit to struggling with his costume while filming the flick.

AceShowbiz - Pierce Brosnan found it "monumental" to land a part in "Black Adam". Playing Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate in the new DC Extended Universe (DCEU) movie, the 69-year-old star says that the chance to appear in a comic book movie helped him realise a childhood dream.

"I've always loved the comic book genre and I love these movies," Pierce told the Daily Express newspaper. "They're spectacular, so to be part of 'Black Adam' is just monumental. When I was offered this role I was so overjoyed, so overwhelmed, really."

Pierce's alter ego wears a golden helmet as part of his costume and the former James Bond actor revealed that it was challenging on set as he couldn't see a thing when wearing it. He said, "The helmet was just like putting a bucket on your head. It was pitch black in there. Yet, I had faith they would make me look magnificent as Dr. Fate."

Brosnan had to wear a tight-fitting motion capture suit for the part but explained that he wasn't embarrassed by his look as he has worked in theatre and circuses previously. The actor said, "When you have the mocap suit that's a story all unto itself."

"It can be highly embarrassing. But thankfully I worked in the theatre, did pantomime, street theatre and circus work, so I can step out there and hold my head high."

"Black Adam" producer Beau Flynn recalled being delighted that Pierce agreed to star in the film. He said, "When we were able to secure Pierce, that was a huge win for us... Pierce was our first choice. He was so excited, because he said all of his peers had done superhero movies, or had done 'Harry Potter' films, and he had not done one."

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