Matty Healy Explains Why There Is 'Less Temptation' to Do Drugs When He's in Relationship

While discussing his struggle with heroin addiction, the 1975 ringleader admits it's easier for him to stay away from drugs when he is in a relationship.

AceShowbiz - Matty Healy says it's easier to be sober when he's in a relationship. The 1975 singer - who broke up with FKA Twigs last summer - is struggling with an addiction to heroin in his twenties and, though he is "doing really good" with his recovery, he admits he has to work harder at it when he's alone.

"Well I'm doing really good right now, sobriety-wise," he explained. "But if I'm being honest, I am trying quite hard, and when I'm in a relationship I find it easier to be sober."

"If I made the decision, I could be on drugs by myself here at the moment and so I'm choosing not to. But if you have a partner, that choice is taken away a bit because you'd have to be on drugs with them. There is less temptation."

The 33-year-old singer admits he feels "guilty" about his use of social media to promote the band because he's aware of the harmful impact sites such as Instagram and Facebook can have on young people and their mental health.

He told the Sunday Times Culture magazine, "Social media has played a massive part in everything to do with the 1975. But even though I let you into certain parts of my life, social media is about what I do, the 1975. If you're young, your social media is 'this is who I am.' "

"There's a thin line between what I do and who I am, but at least I have that barrier. I've always been judged on what I do, whereas young people are judged on who they are - which is brutal. Listen, the internet is amazing for music. Every day I become someone's favourite band."

"But a 14-year-old girl putting something out and awaiting a response? It's not good. If you look at suicide or self-harm rates of young women since Facebook was available on the iPhone? Terrifying."

"I've felt guilty [for using it] Being online for young people is a net negative, but to promote myself, I need to incentivise them to spend time on the internet. I've simplified it. My joy is good music and being funny, so that's what I try and give online."

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