JoJo Siwa Began Her 'Gay Awakening' at Age 12 After Listening to Demi Lovato's 'Cool for the Summer'

The 'Dance Moms' alum claims she began to discover she's a lesbian after listening to the 2015 single and was once captivated by Jenna Dewan following her 'Lip Sync Battle' performance.

AceShowbiz - JoJo Siwa claims her "gay awakening" began with Demi Lovato's 2015 hit "Cool for the Summer" - when she was 12. The former "Dance Moms" star - who recently split again with her on-off girlfriend Kylie Prew - has opened up she started to discover she was a lesbian when she heard the song about same-sex experimentation.

"I really, really liked it and listened to it all the time. I did not know what it meant back then but now that I'm much older and I understand, I know what it means," she said on TikTok.

Later, the 19-year-old YouTuber's head was turned by 41-year-old actress Jenna Dewan after she saw her perform a song from her now-ex-husband Channing Tatum's stripper movie "Magic Mike" on "Lip Sync Battle".

She recalled, "Then a few years later, Jenna Dewan went on 'Lip Sync Battle'. She did a really great 'Magic Mike' number. I pretty much watched it every day. Little me, she didn't know she was gay, until."

JoJo knew for sure that she was attracted to women only when she got "grossed out" by a man's request for sex. She added, "A couple of years later, a man was my first date and he wanted to have sex with me and I did not want to - never wanted to, grossed out by the thought of it. Immediately knew men are not my thing. Women are my gig. Gotta go."

JoJo came out to the world in January 2021 and, while celebrating the one-year anniversary earlier this year, she admitted that, while she was nervous, she had "no fear" letting the world know her sexuality.

She wrote, "In the last 365 days, I've felt more love than ever. A year ago today I posted this picture and shared with the world that I was gay."

"I get asked a lot, 'Was coming out scary for you?'... and the answer is, 'Yes of course!' Anything that's different about you is scary, however... it's what makes me... me. So I had no fear with sharing it with the world."

The "Dancing with the Stars" star hopes she inspires young kids to be their authentic selves. She said, "Truthfully I feel like I was put on this earth to be a role model for kids, and letting all the kids of the world know that loving everyone for who they are no matter what is something that I will always believe in and always share."

She wrapped the post, "Thank you for showing me the most love throughout this year and throughout my entire life. I love you all."

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