Kodak Black Praised for Paying Rent for 28 Families Who Face Eviction

The Pompano Beach hip-hop artist, who often gives back to his community, says in a statement that he feels 'blessed' to have 'the mindset that [his] purpose is to bless others.'

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black continues to impress fans with his philanthropic efforts. The "ZEZE" rapper earned praise from many online users after he paid the rent of 28 families living in the Merry Place Housing Projects, West Palm Beach, who are about "to get evicted."

"28 families was bout to get evicted for being behind on their rent a few months," the 25-year-old Florida native wrote on Instagram Story. "I paid what they owed and also paid their rents for the next few months, so they good for the [remainder] of the year."

In a press release, Kodak shared, "When people get up and go to work daily, they should be able to come home and relax without worrying if they would have a roof over their head the next month." He added, "Unfortunately, we live in a society where people can barely get a raise at work, but can be told that their rent has increased by over $1000 without any real warning. That's just not right."

"I am truly blessed, and I have always had the mindset that my purpose is to bless others," the Atlantic Records artist, who teamed up with the Zachariah McQueen Foundation for the donation, continued. "So as long as I can, I will continue to bless others and give back to my community."

Many have since applauded Kodak for his generosity. One Instagram user in particular gushed, "Black love right there !! This what we need … humans supporting each other !!!" Another added, "One thing about @kodakblack & his prop money, he uses it to give back to the community! " Someone else then chimed in, "Kodak always doing stuff like this. God bless him."

This was not the first time Kodak gave back to his community. In July last year, he purchased 100 air condition units that cost around $12,500 and delivered them to residents at the Golden Acres Projects in Pompano Beach.

"People relying on just enough cash to survive in the projects," he said in a video. "I remember growing up in these same projects and stuff... It's hot right now. The heat will bring a little frustration. Sometimes that cause people to act out. I remember when I had to take (steal) from people. So, now that I'm blessed enough to give back, that's what I like to do. We out here passing out A/C units, helping install them and all that right now (sic)."

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