Kelsea Ballerini Hints at Rift With Halsey on New Album

The 'Dibs' singer, who is also going through a divorce with Morgan Evans, explains in a new interview her decision to air out her dirty laundry through her album 'Subject to Change'.

AceShowbiz - Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey apparently don't talk anymore. The two singers, who struck a friendship back in 2020, appear to have had a fallout as the country pop star hints at it on her new album "Subject to Change".

On a song titled "Doin' My Best", the 29-year-old sings, "I was friends with a pop star/ I put 'em on track four, but/ Wish I could take it back, I woulda never asked/ If I knew we wouldn't talk anymore." While Kelsea doesn't further mention who the pop star is, fans quickly speculated that the unnamed pop star is Halsey.

Kelsea and Halsey did collaborate on "The Other Girl", the fourth track on the former's 2020 album "Kelsea". Before "The Other Girl", Kelsea hadn't collaborated with anyone on any of her songs. The two also appeared together in an episode of "CMT Crossroads" the same year the album dropped.

In an interview with Rolling Stone published on Friday, September 23, the same day "Subject to Change" was dropped, Kelsea addressed the theme of her album. "There's so much more going on in people's lives than they show you," she said. "That's true for me. I'm experiencing that literally right now."

The "Dibs" singer, who is also going through a divorce with her husband of three years, Morgan Evans, added, "I loved the idea of going, 'Change is inevitable.' And we've all as humankind experienced that heavily the last couple of years. So what if I make the theme of this album the idea of just blissfully accepting that tomorrow is probably going to look different than today? And instead of being terrified and looking at it like it's this monster under the bed, what if I just live now? Sometimes that looks messy and sometimes that looks confusing and sometimes that looks really amazing and beautiful."

Of why she decided to air out her dirty laundry through her record, Kelsea insisted, "It's all already out there." She explained, "Putting the last album out the week the world shut down and having a season of darkness after that is out there. The fact that I'm going through a divorce is out there. Having famous friends that I post about all the time and then they're no longer in my life is out there. The fact that I fumbled on Twitter and no longer have it is out there. So why not take ownership of that?"

Previously on "Audacy's Rob + Holly Show", Kelsea said of the song "Doin' My Best", "The intention behind that lyric-because I do feel like I do have to say this-it is not meant to be a shady lyric." She continued, "The whole idea of that song-just because that song is going to be one that people talk about and I know that-it's the idea of taking ownership of my cringe."

She further stressed, "I wanted to acknowledge all of the things that people have watched happen in my life and just go, 'Yep. Here's the messiness. I'm owning it, I'm doing my best.' "

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