Kanye West Offers to Help Kim Kardashian Renovate Her New House, But Gets Rejected
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In other news, the Yeezy designer sparks chatter on the Internet after he reveals in an interview that he never reads a book as one person feels like he's disrespecting his mom.

AceShowbiz - It seems like Kanye West still cares for Kim Kardashian. The "Donda" artist reportedly generously offered to help his ex-wife renovate her newly purchased $70 million beach house in Malibu, though the TV star is planning to handle the project solo.

"Kanye has offered to help Kim renovate but she feels like handling things on her own," one source told HollywoodLife.com. "Other than the house next door to her Hidden Hills property, this is the first home she's purchased on her own since the split."

"The Kardashians" star, however, allegedly turned down the offer. "She wants to be totally hands on with decorating and everything. As much as she appreciates the gesture, she'd prefer to handle this alone," the insider explained.

As for Ye, the source claimed that the rapper "is happy for Kim that she also found a place in Malibu." The Yeezy designer purchased his own $57.3 million property in the upscale beach community in September 2021.

"Even though it's a short distance from their other homes in Calabasas, it really does feel like a world away being there," added the insider. "Living on the ocean is so peaceful and he thinks it will be wonderful for the kids. There's still enough privacy and distance between them that it would never be an issue of too close for comfort."

Another source added, "When Kim decided that it was time to buy another home in California, she knew that she had to buy a property in Malibu. She was looking around for quite some time and wanted a place that offered privacy and security."

It was also said that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum "consulted Kanye before buying the property because she wanted him to know that the deal was taking place." Of the exes, the second source noted, "Kanye and Kim have been able to meet in the middle lately when it comes to decisions about their kids, and this has made things so much easier. Most important to them is that their children know how much they are loved by both parents. This purchase truly shows unity, and the house is pretty much perfect as is. She is looking forward to summers there for sure."

In other news, Kanye sparked chatter on the Internet after he revealed that he never read a book. The hip-hop star shared in the Friday, September 16 episode of "Alo Mind Full" podcast, "I actually haven't read any book." He went on telling hosts Danny Harris and Alyson Wilson, "Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli."

Some fans didn't believe his claims as one said, "His mother has a PhD in English Education from Auburn. Hard to believe she didn't have him read books." Another person added, "Kanye has reached a new level of disrespect towards his mother an NYC school teacher. Donda West made Kanye the Rap God that he is today. That's why Kanye named 2 albums Donda that reached Number1 in 11 Countries." Blasting the rapper, someone penned, "That Kayne West hates literature is absolutely no surprise. All you have to do is listen to how he speaks. About the same as when he first went to day care."

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