Kevin Gates Sparks Social Media Chatter Following His Racy Show

While social media users are mostly confused and disgusted by his antics at his concert, the crowd appears to love it as they can be heard cheering for the 'Khaza' rapper.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Gates found himself trending on social media, but not necessarily for a good reason. The "Hard to Sleep" rapper caused social media frenzy after a video of him spewing racy rhetoric on stage was making its rounds on social media.

In the clip, Kevin could be seen squatting on stage while rapping about what he would sexually do to a woman. Not stopping there, he also made some kissing noises. While social media users were mostly confused and disgusted by his antics, the crowd appeared to love it as they cheered for him.

"Kevin Gates fan base is not what I expected," one person wrote. Someone else commented, "A kevin gates concert is the nastiest place on this earth." A user added, "Anybody that buys a Kevin Gates ticket is sexually frustrated," while one other insinuated that they would regret attending Kevin's concert and "would got my damn refund."

The Louisiana rapper, meanwhile, isn't strange to going viral for his antics on the "Big Lyfe" tour. Last month, the emcee sparked social media chatter after turning his "D U Down" song into a dance routine. "I put d**k all in yo stomach, pull yo hair, slap yo a**, b***h you better not runnin'," he rapped as he moved his hips back-and-forth aggressively. "I put d**k all in yo stomach, d**k all in yo stomach, pull yo hair, slap yo a**/ I said, d**k down/ I d**k you down, d**k you down, d**k you down."

Comedian Druski even trolled the rapper while sharing a clip of the dance. "We not gone act like this N***a dont Deserve JailTime [laugh emojis]. This ain't normal man," he joked. The comment didn't go unnoticed by Kevin. The 36-year-old hip-hop star turned to Instagram to react to Druski's comment on his NSFW dance moves. "#itbeyourownpeople," he wrote along with a shoulder shrug and crying laughing emojis.

Another Instagram user, in the meantime, suggested that Kevin was "having flashbacks mid performance." Referring to his shocking revelation that he had sex with his cousin, another person wrote, "All I can think about is how he smashed his cousin for like a year after he found out they were related. u remember banging ur cousin..??!"

Kevin admitted that he "f**ked" his cousin while speaking with Yung Miami on her "Caresha Please" podcast. In the candid sit-down, the "Time for That" rapper shared that he found out the woman was his cousin from his grandmother. "[My grandma] pulled me to the side and said, 'Baby, that's your cousin,' " he explained, before saying that he "didn't know that she was [his] cousin."

"But once I found out, then I ain't about to stop," Kevin, who claimed he remains friends with the woman to this day, added. "She wasn't no close cousin. I don't care. Don't care. Sorry not sorry. Would do it again." Upon hearing the shocking revelation, Yung Miami was left "speechless."

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