JT Defends Herself After Snatching a Fan's Phone

When sharing her side of the story, the one-half of City Girls explains that she had to snatch the fan's phone because the individual was recording her private conversation.

AceShowbiz - JT is setting the record straight. After a video of herself snatching a fan's phone went viral on social media, the City Girls star took to her Twitter account to defend herself.

The 29-year-old shared her side of the story on Monday, September 12. "Why would she punch ME? for recording MY conversation? & playing lost!!! I thought she was just taking a pic her flash was on a lil too long & I noticed it was a VIDEO & reacted, she could've reacted how she wanted after that," she argued.

"POST the videos of me taking ppl phone making videos telling them happy birthday!!!! POST the selfies I took all night with ppl," she went on fuming in a follow-up post. "Please go to hell, she didn't react with nothing but SORRY because she didn't expect me to catch her at least I gave her phone back."

The girlfriend of Lil Uzi Vert also replied to one person's tweet that read, "She definitely should've reacted cause you could've used your words and not your hands." In response, the femcee explained, "I was using my words all night babe. Nobody was listening it was alottttt that night. BUT I lived to tweet another day."

The said clip was shared by a TikToker who commented, "JT snatches a fan's phone out of her hand for trying to take a picture of her, said 'delete the photo.' What y'all out thought on it? She's lucky that wasn't a rowdy fan."

The comment section has been filled with mixed reactions. One person wrote, "They be forgetting that they famous because of their fans...stay humble." Another replied, "We would've been fighting." A third suggested, "just ask like .."

Others, in the meantime, jumped to the "Good Love" raptress's defense. "It wasn't because she was taking a picture it was because she was recording her conversation." Someone else echoed the sentiment, "The fan was recording her conversation. I woulda did the same thing."

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