The former One Direction member released the new single on Thursday, September 1 and it will appear on his upcoming studio album, 'Faith in the Future'.

AceShowbiz - Louis Tomlinson's music video for "Bigger Than Me" is out. Arriving on Friday, September 2, the visuals shows the former One Direction member exploring breathtaking landscapes while collecting stray pieces of wood along his way.

After the sunset, Louis lights up a bonfire and tosses the collected wood into the flames. "When somеbody told me I would change, I was afraid, I don't know why," he sings while watching the fire. " 'Cause so does the world outside, I realized, and it's bigger than me."

Louis dropped the track on Thursday. The track will appear on his upcoming album, "Faith in the Future". When announcing the project, he declared on Instagram, "I'm so excited to finally tell you that my new album Faith In The Future is out 11th November. After living with this album for a while I can't wait for you all to hear it. Thank you for allowing me to make the music I want to make. Link in bio to pre-order."

The English crooner opened up about the studio record, which will be a follow-up to his 2020 debut "Walls", in a new interview with Official Charts. "I had the title before anything else," he explained. "I was 99 per cent sure I wanted to call it Faith In The Future, then lockdown happened and it just felt like an appropriate statement."

"I actually tweeted it for the first time, without any context, last year. I felt this magnetism to the phrase," he further elaborated. "With that statement, I'm not saying we can predict the future or that it'll necessarily look any brighter, but it inspires hope. Have faith in that idea and you won't be any worse off."

Louis went on to share, "This whole album's been a learning process for me." He continued, "With the first record, there was an element of me finding my feet and working out what it is I could do. Deep down I always knew what I wanted to do, but there was definitely a time when I asked myself the question ‘can I pull this off?' "

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