Aries Spears Unfazed by Lizzo's Fiery Message to Her Haters: 'She Didn't Say My Name'

During a new interview, the comedian addresses the 'About Damn Time' hitmaker calling out her haters during her award acceptance speech and how people speculated that it's about him.

AceShowbiz - Aries Spears has responded to Lizzo's strong message for her haters at the 2022 MTV VMAs. During a sit-down with VladTV, the comedian addressed the "About Damn Time" hitmakers calling out her haters during her award acceptance speech and how people speculated that it's about him.

"Well, the funny thing to me was people sent me those videos and clips, and you know, this is the internet," Aries said in a video shared on Friday, September 2. "People put s**t together. 'Lizzo claps back at Aries.' She never said my name."

The comedian continued, "Now, was she talkin' about me? Put the pieces together. More than likely. But she never said my name and I ain't the only motherf**ker making Lizzo fat jokes. So, she was addressing all of her haters. I almost wish she did say my name to really make it specific, but she didn't say my name!"

Aries then called out all the women who came at him after Lizzo's alleged clap back. "And you know what's funny to me, too, 'cause you know, the women that hit me up in my Instagram was like, 'Yeah... I know you mad, huh? You punchin' the air!' Why would I be?" the comedian questioned.

He then mocked those women for seemingly thinking that "Lizzo's success is their success." He continued, "Did she invite you b***hes to the after-party? Is she splitting record points with you, and royalties? Is she paying your rent, your mortgage? Putting food on your table and taking care of you? You know what I'm saying? Paying your bills and feeding your kids? Clothing your kids? Like, calm down. How people worship celebrities so much is just beyond me."

During her award acceptance speech at this year's MTV VMAs, Lizzo recreated Nicki Minaj's iconic moment when she called out Miley Cyrus. "Now, to the b***hes that got something to say about me in the press … I'm not gonna say nothing!" so the singer, who won the Video for Good category for "About Damn Time" at the Sunday, August 28 event, said. "Why don't you clap back? Because b***h, I'm winning, h*e! Big b***hes winning, h*e! Best revenge is your paper b***h!"

While the shady speech arrived days after Aries fat-shamed her during an interview with The Art of Dialogue, Lizzo insisted that she's not specifically targeting the comedian in her speech. "Lemme make one thing VERY clear -- I wasn't addressing anybody in my speech last night…I was addressing EVERYBODY," she tweeted on Monday morning, adding a trio of kiss mark emojis.

Aries, meanwhile, was slammed by Internet users for his comments on Lizzo. Comparing her to "the s**t emoji," he said, "She got a very pretty face, but she keeps showing her body off n***a. I'm sorry. I ain't the most in shape n***a in the world." He continued, "But when you funny and you got swagger and confidence and you decent looking, I think I'm at least handsome, you get p***y. But a woman that's built like a plate of mashed potatoes, you're in trouble."

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