NLE Choppa Deletes Post Saying Men Naturally Will Cheat After Backlash

The 19-year-old hip-hop star claims it's normal for men to cheat because it's in their 'DNA' after sharing relationship advice on his social media account.

AceShowbiz - NLE Choppa listens to the critics. After facing intense backlash on social media, the 19-year-old hip-hop artist took down a controversial post saying that men naturally will cheat.

The "Walk Em Down" spitter turned to his Twitter account on Thursday, August 25 to share his opinion on relationship affairs. "By nature men are going to cheat it's literally in our DNA To, Men are here to procreate," he began. "That doesn't mean he don't love you he's just doing what he was designed to do."

Upon learning of his statement, social media critics were quick to slam him. "Divine toxicity huh bruh [laughing with tears emoji] #N***as**t," one person commented, with another urging Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Lashun Potts, to "go to hell." A third quipped, "Boy wtf . scientist ain't found a single strand of cheating in DNA YET!!" Someone else added, "And you doing what you supposed to do SOUND STUPID."

After being told to "shut the f**k up," Choppa deleted his tweet. A few minutes later, however, he returned to the blue bird app to write, "Shawty got that crazy head like a NLE tweet or whatever 21 Savage said [laughing with tears emoji]."

NLE Choppa's tweet

NLE Choppa tweeted after facing backlash over his statement.

A few days before claiming that men will cheat naturally, Choppa shared relationship advice. "A lot of people hold on to relationships cause they don't want to feel that embarrassment on the internet when they break up. That's a dangerous trait," he wrote on August 22.

NLE Choppa's tweet

NLE Choppa shared relationship advice before saying men will naturally cheat.

Choppa has successfully raised people's eyebrows over his antics lately. On August 17, the hip-hop star cringed critics with "disgusting" social media post. "I lick my girl armpits all that imma real freak, my saliva yo deodorant," he tweeted at the time.

His tweet was quick to catch people's attention as many of them clowned Choppa for his apparent kink. "I feel sick," one user remarked in an Instagram comment section. Someone else was concerned about the smell, writing, "Breath smelling like sauteed onions."

One critic, meanwhile, ridiculed Choppa, "And this the dude y'all be listening to give health and hygiene advice? Tuh." The commenter seemingly referred to the fact that the emcee has been making use of his platform to share some health tips.

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