The Game Lands in Hot Water for Getting a Woman to Drink Garbage for Balenciaga Shoes

The 'How We Do' rapper gets slammed on social media after he challeged a female fan to consume something edible she found in a trash can just for a pair of expensive shoes and bags.

AceShowbiz - The Game takes a "do or die" challenge to another level. The "Hate It or Love It" rapper successfully convinced a woman to drink out of a cup from garbage for a pair of Balenciaga shoes, but that doesn't sit well with social media critics.

On Wednesday, August 24, the 42-year-old rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, posted a video on his TikTok and Instagram accounts titled "Anything??? Ep: 1." In the footage, the Los Angeles native could be seen walking around in a mall when a fan who recognized the rapper approached him. Eventually, he asked her if she likes Balenciaga.

"You like Balenciaga? If I offered to buy you some heels what would you do?" the Drillmatic rapper asked. "Anything," she replied. He then replied, "You gotta dig in the trash can, the first thing you find food-wise, you gotta eat it."

The woman actually went along with the challenge and proceeded to go into a trash can to find something edible. She ended up finding a discarded cup with some liquid still left inside and drank it.

The video continued to follow the "How We Do" rapper and the woman in a Balenciaga store as he fulfilled his promise to buy her anything. The comical video ended with both of them walking out with Balenciaga shoes and bags.

While The Game found it fun and entertaining, most social media users don't. In the comment section of his TikTok post, many mocked the rapper, with one saying, "You coulda got her the shoes without making her do all that smh." A separate user slammed, "He cant sell his albums so he makes tik toks. Another rapper turned tik toker." A third wondered, "Why embarrass her first???"

One person commented, "That's so wrong smh humiliating people to do s**t like this!!" Meanwhile, someone else suggested, "Game should focus on his music because [Eminem] is killing him lyrically."

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