John Lennon's Son Explains Why He Risked Getting in Trouble by Naming New Album 'Jude'

Julian talks about the title of his new studio project which bears resemblance to the title of the iconic song by his father's famous band The Beatles.

AceShowbiz - John Lennon's son Julian was worried that naming his new album "Jude" would get him in trouble. In his latest release, Julian paid a nod to The Beatles track "Hey, Jude" which Sir Paul McCartney wrote to console him after his parents John and Cynthia divorced in 1968 when he was just five years old.

The song was initially called "Hey Jules" - and the musician admits using "Jude" for his new record is a risky choice. "Am I asking for trouble? Yes. Bring it on," he told Mojo magazine.

"I mean 'Hey Jude', it's lovely having someone write a song about you and their hopes that you're going to make it through this pile of s*** but people don't realise that every time that song is played, and I have probably heard it more than most people, it's a reminder of when my parents split up and it all went pear-shaped."

Julian's parents John and Cynthia divorced in 1968 after his dad was accused of being unfaithful with Yoko Ono, who he went on to marry in 1969. John and Yoko later welcomed a son named Sean, a brother for Julian, in 1975.

During the interview Julian also revealed he has secretly changed his name by deed poll. He was called John after his dad with his full name given as John Charles Julian Lennon, but he's grown up being called Julian so he decided to make the change official.

He told the publication, "I've only told a few other people this, but a few years ago, I decided to change my name by deed poll. By birth I am John Charles Julian Lennon … I just decided, switch 'John' and 'Julian' around, so that you know, I'm finally me. And my album 'Jude' was a whole part of that process."

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