Kehlani Forced to Stop Concert Due to Fighting Fans

The 'Gangsta' hitmaker, meanwhile, tried to make the moment less awkward by joking, 'Can somebody give her her wig?' referring to a fan who got her wig snatched during the altercation.

AceShowbiz - Kehlani's show was interrupted following a drama in the crowd. The "Gangsta" singer was forced to stop her show on Wednesday, August 17, after two female fans got into a scuffle in the pit near the front of the stage.

While it's unknown what caused the altercation, a clip shared by fellow concert-goer saw security trying to stop the irate women from attacking each other. One of them women was seen yelling while wearing a stocking cap that was under her snatched wig.

Meanwhile, Kehlani tried to make the moment less awkward by cracking a joke. "Can somebody give her her wig?" the singer asked, prompting the crowd to erupt in laughter. She also jokingly said that the wig was cute so she deserved to get it back.

The clip, unsurprisingly, sparked chatter among Internet users. "I mean what Ima be embarrassed for Ima put the shit right on afterwards," one person commented. "That's embarrassing idc...not if u got hair under there tho," someone else added.

Some others were surprised that people fought at Kehlani's show as she is known as a positive-vibe, peace and love performer. "Why are you fighting at a kehlani concert!" one person wondered. "Disrupting the peace at a Kehlani concert is crazy," another fan wrote.

This wasn't the only time fans threw fists during a concert in the recent weeks. Earlier this month, Erykah Badu's concert was disrupted when fans were fighting in the stands. As the altercation wasn't near the musician, she was unaware of the chaos as she continued singing "Window Seat".

Videos of the fight circulated online and Questlove caught wind of the matter. "Wow @jamespoyser……our music finally starts a riot," he joked on Twitter, tagging one of the hit's co-producers.

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