Amber Heard's Sister Admits the Actress' Responsible for Johnny Depp's Severed Finger

Unsealed documents from the defamation case reveal Amber's sister Whitney Henriquez told her former boss that the 'Aquaman' star 'cut off [Johnny's] finger' during a fight in 2015.

AceShowbiz - There's more to be told from Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation case. Although the trial ended in early June with major victory on Johnny's side, bombshell claims have been revealed in newly-unveiled court documents.

More than 6,000 pages of court documents were unsealed over the weekend. Among the shocking claims detailed in the filings is that Amber's sister Whitney Henriquez admitted the actress was responsible for Johnny's severed finger.

According to the docs, during a pre-trial deposition, Whitney's former boss Jennifer Howell recalled the time Whitney received a message from Amber about the grisly incident. "She just screamed, "She's done it now. She's cut off his Goddamn finger,' and made this huge proclamation. And I pushed my chair back. I was like, 'What?' " Jennifer told Johnny's attorney Camille Vasquez.

Jennifer, who said she was with Whitney at the time she received the message, continued, "And she goes, 'She cut off his finger. She cut off his finger.' And then she bolted out the door and was like, 'I got to call somebody. I got to call somebody.' "

When Camille pressed about who "she" was, Jennifer responded, "It was Amber and Johnny, and she apparently had thrown a bottle and cut off his finger, is what (Whitney) reported when she came back in from whoever she talked to outside."

Johnny himself testified in April that during the then-couple's quarrel in Australia in 2015, Amber hurled a bottle of vodka at him, which shattered and severed the tip of his finger. But the "Aquaman" star denied causing the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star's injury, claiming that he hurt the finger himself in a drunken rage, possibly when he smashed a wall-mounted phone to "smithereens," and then went on to sexually assault her with a vodka bottle.

The unsealed documents also revealed that Johnny's legal team tried to submit Amber's nude photos into evidence, which her attorneys fought against. Her attorneys also stated that the actress worked as "an exotic dancer" before she met the actor. "[Mr. Depp is] attempting to frivolously and maliciously suggest or imply that Ms. Heard was at one time an escort," they continued.

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