North West Praised After Kim Kardashian Shares Her 'Cool' Sketches for Yeezy

The 9-year-old girl, who is the eldest daughter of Kim and Kanye West, awes people with her sketches for her rapper father's fashion brand Yeezy during her visit to its design studio.

AceShowbiz - It seems like Yeezy can rely to North West in the future. On Friday, July 29, Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram account to show off her eldest daughter's sketches for her father Kanye West's fashion brand Yeezy, and fans were totally awed by it.

In the pictures that Kim shared on Instagram Stories, the 9-year-old could be seen paying a visit to Ye's Yeezy design studio. She was also featured with what looks like a prototype of her designs. She drew a pair of alien-like faces with black eyes and braids. One of the creepy creatures even had a plait coming out of its mouth.

Upon catching wind of the eerie sketches, Internet users took to social media to shower North with praises for such cool designs considering how young she is. "Go North !!! She so cool!" rapper Bia wrote in an Instagram comment. A fan, meanwhile, said of the sketches, "They're very detailed."

"it's actually looks cool," one person raved. "interesting art. talented girl …," another comment read. Insinuating that North gets his artistic skills from her dad Kanye, a user noted, "Like father like daughter."

In addition to making the sketches, North modeled for Yeezy's apparent new sunglasses. In other pictures shared by Kim, the pre-teen was seen donning a black leather tank top and matching shorts while rocking a giant pair of silver shield-style sunglasses.

Prior to this, Ye gushed over his daughter who has been showing interest in fashion world. "There's times when North will want to design a bubble wrap dress in the morning, and I become her assistant designer for 20 minutes," he recalled in an interview with Chicago's "Power 92" with a smile back in 2018. "She be screaming at me, 'You didn't hold the plastic right, you never gonna sell no clothes like this.' It's a 5-year-old talking about I'm never going to sell no clothes, saying I'm not a good designer. I'm like, 'Damn, you worse than the Internet, North. C'mon now. Somebody gonna buy these brown sweatshirts.' "

"I can be the boss talking these Trump-level vogue quotes to my team and stuff, but [having kids] humbles you because I work for my daughter," the "Famous" rapper said. "I work for my kids. I can't talk them out of the way they feel, because they haven't been programmed yet to know what's right. They just know what they feel."

He went on to say, "I love that you see this reflection of yourself in your kids. I will say, I'll never trust anybody that's really rich and got no kids. Because they could be so extremely selfish. It's really just about them."

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