Kelly Ripa Takes Light Jab at Flaw of Mark Consuelos' Shaved Head

While discussing the heat wave hitting New York City with co-host Ryan Seacrest, the TV personality reveals that her husband's haircut suddenly makes him realize how cold their bedroom is.

AceShowbiz - Kelly Ripa is having a good laugh at Mark Consuelos' expense. When talking about the heat wave that hit New York City, the "Live with Kelly and Ryan" co-host revealed that her actor husband had shaved his head for the summer, and could not help but take a light jab at the flaw in his new haircut.

The 51-year-old TV personality made the remarks in a new episode of her talk show that aired on Tuesday, July 19. While discussing the heat with co-host Ryan Seacrest, she first spilled, "Everybody's been complaining about the heat, the heat, the heat, and Mark shaved his head the other day."

Kelly was quick to mention that Mark's new haircut posed a new problem for her man as she jokingly pointed out, "And now he's cold all the time." She then showed up a close-up photo of her husband that showcased his new do. In the picture, Mark could be seen sitting inside a vehicle with a look that Kelly dubbed as "smizing."

"I asked him for a picture because we were doing a story about the heat, and I was like, well, Mark's not hot, he shaved his head and now he's cold all the time," Kelly further teased. While Ryan did not find any drastic issue with Mark's new look, Kelly explained that Mark actually has silky, thick hair before, and with the new do, he finally realized how cold their bedroom is.

Recalling her conversation with her husband at their home, Kelly shared, "Now he's like, 'Is it cold in this bedroom?' and I go, 'Yes, for 27 years it's been cold in the bedroom.' " She continued, "And now you're suddenly willing to cut the air conditioning to half so that we may be able to sleep through the night instead of me waking up cold.' " She added, "Now he's cold. But all he has to do is put a hat on."

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