Jenna Jameson Able to Walk Unaided 'Pretty Well' Following Mystery Illness Battle

In a new social media post, the former adult film star, who suffered from nerve issues, reveals that she is feeling 'a lot better' as she can move around without walking aid.

AceShowbiz - Jenna Jameson is able to walk unaided again. Hospitalized in January with an unknown illness that saw her lose her mobility, the former adult film star has been slowly making progress and was delighted to tell fans she can now move around without the aid of a wheelchair or walking aid.

On Tuesday, July 5, the 47-year-old shared a video on her Instagram Story and said, "I wanna show you guys that I'm walking, unaided. I mean, I'm not walking perfectly but at least I'm up on my feet." The next day, on Wednesday, July 6, she let out another walking video wherein she said, "I'm feeling better. I'm able to walk pretty well. How cool is that? Feeling a lot better."

Jenna's latest update comes a month after she revealed she was out of her wheelchair, but still couldn't walk without an aid. At the time, she said, "Hey guys, so a little update. I am up and walking with my walker. I'm doing it with one hand right now, usually I'm a little bit more nimble. But I'm up and about. Trying to phase out the wheelchair."

In March, Jenna, who was initially misdiagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, explained she was trying to "build back" muscle and having nerve issues. She said, "I am slowly but surely building back strength. I am walking around - with a walker. My legs have lost a lot of muscle so I am busy trying to build it back."

"This has been not only physically taxing but I think, more than that, just really mentally challenging. Very mentally challenging," she added. "As you can see, yes, I'm able to move my legs. I'm not paralysed. I am just dealing with extreme muscle weakness. Some issues with my left nerve."

While Jenna, who has four-year-old daughter Batel Lu with partner Lior Bitton, admitted her recovery is "messy" and "not fun", she likes "a good challenge." She said, "I am fighting, I am kicking a**, I am taking names and soon I will be back up on my feet unaided, and life will be back to normal. I mean, as normal as I can be."

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