Jenna Jamesson and Her Wife Jessi Lawless Divorcing Due to Jenna's Drinking

Following less than a year of marriage, former porn star Jenna Jameson and her wife Jessi Lawless announce they have decided to part ways because of her drinking problem.

AceShowbiz - Former porn star Jenna Jameson and her wife, Jessi Lawless, are ending their marriage after less than one year. Lawless announced the split on TikTok Tuesday, April 16, citing Jameson's alleged alcohol consumption as the primary reason.

Lawless, 41, shared that she had previously warned Jameson, 50, that she would not tolerate drinking under any circumstances due to its negative impact on her life. However, Jameson allegedly broke this promise when she attended an event without her wife and consumed alcohol.

"She goes to Chicago, and she starts drinking, and then when I confronted her about it, she was definitely trying to lie about it until I told her I had pictures," Lawless claimed.

Jameson reportedly admitted to drinking despite Lawless not initially having any photos. Lawless expressed frustration that Jameson showed "no remorse" for her decision to drink. "I don't know how it's my fault, but maybe I shouldn't have had such high expectations," she said.

The former couple had married in May 2023 in Las Vegas at the same chapel where Jameson's parents exchanged vows. Lawless also shared screenshots of text messages allegedly sent by Jameson, threatening to sue her.

Jameson has yet to publicly respond to Lawless' allegations. The former "Queen of Porn" shares fraternal twins Journey and Jesse (15) with ex Tito Ortiz and daughter Batel (7) with ex Lior Bitton. She has previously been married to Brad Armstrong and Jay Grdina.

Prior to their marriage, Jameson and Lawless met through TikTok and had been dating since January. At the time of their wedding, Jameson expressed joy at finding her soulmate, saying, "I found the person that I truly should have always been with."

However, their relationship has since taken a downward turn, leading to their recent divorce filing.

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