Candace Owens Dubs T.I. 'Fraud' and 'Goon' Over Revolt Music Summit Panel

At the Revolt Summit, which was held in Atlanta back in 2019, the rapper slammed the conservative political commentator for supporting Trump while discussing 'Black Agenda, Voting and Donald Trump.'

AceShowbiz - Candace Owens reflected on her relationship with T.I. after they served as the panelists at the Revolt Summit back in 2019. During her appearance on DJ Akademiks' "Off the Record Podcast", the conservative influencer didn't hesitate to call the rapper a "fraud."

"That situation got me so angry because T.I. was the only person that I knew prior to stepping onto that stage," said Candace. She claimed that she and the rapper actually met a year before Revolt Summit through Kanye West.

She continued, "We had spoken on the phone for like, hours on the phone about what our opinions are politically."

Akademiks later suggested T.I. was giving Candace a hard time. In response to that, Candace shared that T.I. agreed with everything but her support for Donald Trump. "It was crazy because when I spoke to him on the phone he was like, 'I agree with you on this, I agree with you on this,' agreed on everything we talked about. No debate," she revealed.

"The only thing he said was, 'I just can't behind Trump.' That was the only thing he ever said on the phone. 'I can't get behind Trump.' Every other topic, we talked about Black America, he agreed with, he was so kind," she continued.

Candace went on to claim that things took a turn when it came to meeting face to face on stage. "He turned into a performer!... So, I say now, T.I. is a fraud, he is a very little man physically and mentally, he's a small man. To do that for what?" she said, before accusing T.I. of "halting" a serious conversation that day "by acting like a goon."

T.I. has yet to react to Candace's remarks.

At the Revolt Summit, which was held in Atlanta, T.I. slammed Candace for supporting Trump while discussing "Black Agenda, Voting & Donald Trump" alongside Candace, Killer Mike, Steven Pargett, Katrina Pierson and Tamika D Mallory. Things got heated up when the crowd booed Candace, prompting her to criticize the crowd for booing her before she could deliver her full argument. T.I. told her the outrage was caused by her "starting with some bulls**t."

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