Ari Lennox to Skip Shows that Require Her To Fly Due to Her 'Torturing' Fear

When sharing the announcement on her Instagram account, the RnB singer, whose real name is Courtney Shanade Salter, declares that she wants to overcome her aerophobia.

AceShowbiz - Ari Lennox announced she will no longer be performing at shows that required her to fly. Of the reason, the "Pressure" songstress revealed that she made the abrupt decision because of her "torturing" fear of flying.

The 31-year-old, born Courtney Shanade Salter, made the announcement via Instagram Story on Sunday, June 19. "For my mental health and sanity, I will not be doing any shows that require me to fly," she first penned.

"I can not keep torturing myself with this huge fear of mine. It is literally destroying my health. Enough is enough," the musician added. "I'm so sorry to all that are inconvenienced by this. Don't know what this will mean for my career but I just can't do it."

Ari, however, declared that she wants to overcome her aerophobia. "If there's any peers or anyone out there who knows of a great hypnotherapist, therapist and or ear of flying solution I would be so grateful. I want to beat this," she stressed.

Ari is not the only star who has a fear of flying. DJ Khaled was caught on camera multiple times being anxious during flights. In February this year, a video of him getting ready to be on board a plane made its way online.

At first, he looked relaxed as he showed the view of the blue sky from the plane window while he listened to some music in the background. The next few clips, meanwhile, captured him kneeling on the floor on another part of the plane as he buried his face in a pillow apparently during turbulence.

DJ Khaled lifted his head several times to look outside, but he seemingly couldn't get rid of his fear and decided to close his eyes again while clutching the pillow. A woman behind the camera was heard chuckling while this all happened.

While some online users poked fun at the "All I Do Is Win" hitmaker, others empathized with him. "I'm not got hold you this some real shiii!!!! I still get crazy anxiety on plane with bad turbulence. It gets crazy up there smh," one user commented, while another echoed the sentiment, "I won't even laugh that turbulence be scary as hell."

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