Fran Drescher Insists Bond With Gay Ex Has Grown Closer Than During Their Marriage

Decades after overcoming a turbulent divorce, the former star of 'The Nanny' explains why she plans to grow old with Peter Marc Jacobson and why she has no plans on getting remarried.

AceShowbiz - Fran Drescher is planning to grow old with her openly gay ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. Insisting she will never re-marry, the 64-year-old actress, who claimed fame for playing Fran Fine on Emmy-winning sitcom "The Nanny", said her bond with her ex has grown "closer than when we were married."

Drescher and Jacobson overcame a turbulent divorce in 1999 after their agent persuaded them "not to throw the baby out with the bath water," according to the actress. She added in an interview with Daily Mail that practicing Buddhism and accepting "bad things happen to good people" helped her overcome her woes.

The former "Happily Divorced" star added about her agent's advice about her stormy relationship with "The Nanny" show creator and producer, "We had a very wise woman, who was both our manager, at the time we were starting to separate. She advised us to reinvent the relationship and not throw the baby out with the bath water... there is love there."

"Maybe the marriage no longer works, but there should be a friendship that could still enjoy the test of time," she added. "We took her sage words very seriously. Over the course of time, we kept moving towards each other and now we are probably closer than when we were married: business partners, best of friends and definitely a family."

Jacobson split with his childhood sweetheart wife Drescher in 1999 and came out as gay at the peak of her fame. The pair, however, were side by side as the actress picked up the inaugural Judy Garland Legacy Award at the Hollywood Museum's LGBTQ+ Real To Reel Awards on June 9.

Drescher said she would not re-marry Jacobson, whom she calls her soulmate, or anyone else. She added, "I don't think I will ever walk up the aisle with anyone. But I do see us growing old together. We are divorced, but still single because it is hard to compete with what we shared. We have been together since we were 15 and we've been through so much."

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